So how does it work?


Cooking Lessons at Home:

The cookery lessons offered by Ambika365 are on a one-to-one, or small group basis and are held in your own home (or your choice of venue). This is because we don’t believe in teaching you dishes that are made using kitchen equipment found in hotel kitchens that you don’t have in your own home – in our minds, that’s just silly!

Prior to a lesson taking place, you will be asked to complete a short consultation form which includes questions like “Where do you shop?”, “What keeps you away from the kitchen?”, “Which dishes do you love/hate to eat?”. Once we've received this form back we'll then send you a long list of tailored recipe suggestions to choose from, just to whet your appetite!

Once you've chosen which dishes you would like to cook, just let us know your choices along with how many portions of each dish you would like to cook and we'll then send you a shopping list for ingredients to have available and come to your house at a convenient time for your cooking lesson.

Following the cookery lesson, your chef will leave you in peace to enjoy your culinary delights - we can cook enough for just you, or for your family/friends/partner to come and enjoy with you....often our clients will invite friends over for a dinner party afterwards which is a lovely idea. Needless to say, we'll also leave you with the recipe cards - and we're always on the end of the phone should you need some guidance when you come to recreate the recipes!